Repair Pricer report with history

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Our simple home repair estimator service makes it simple to turn ANY home inspection report into a highly accurate and incredibly easy-to-read repair estimate so you can quickly and easily negotiate repairs after a home inspection. Simply upload your report and let our team go to work. Make sure you know the true cost of repairs for the home you’re buying or selling so you can negotiate with certainty and power.

If you are purchasing this home as your Primary Residence we strongly suggest you order a Premium Report. These reports not only provide a detailed and easy-to-read estimate of repairs, but also provide a further wealth of information about the home including

  • Foreclosure and lien history
  • Building Permits
  • Proximity to fault lines, wildfire and other high risk areas
  • Flood risk determination
  • Meth Lab and Carbon Monoxide reported incidents
  • Fire, police and crime reports
  • School information and ratings

And more!! Plus you get a free RUSH upgrade that pushes your report to the front of the line, giving you more time to negotiate and make your decision.